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BiotiKid - Designated Probiotics Powder 100g - SupHerb

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SupHerb - BiotiKid - Designated Probiotics for Toddlers and Children

An innovative probiotic formula especially adapted to suit the unique composition of the bacteria population in the digestive system of children and toddlers.

Biotikid contributes to the proliferation of the probiotic bacteria population and maintains the delicate balance in the digestive system.

Many causes can break the delicate balance in the digestive system and harm the probiotic bacteria population. One of the central of these is taking antibiotics.

Administering Biotikid during antibiotic treatment and after it has been completed will reduce the damages caused by antibiotics and improve the immune protection.

About the Ingredients

Soluble fibers derived from Sunchoke; These fibers create the conditions suitable for the thriving of probiotic bacteria in the intestine and in parallel, prevent the thriving of pathogenic (illness-causing) bacteria.

Seven probiotic bacteria strains, among the most studied in the field of probiotics.

The wide variety of bacteria enables better protection of the digestive system and better support for the immune system.

The bacteria hinder the activity of unwanted microorganisms by producing a natural antibiotic substance and improve the break-down and digestion of food.

Typical Symptoms of a Deficiency in Probiotic Bacteria:
Weakness of the immune system
Gas, constipation, diarrhea and additional disorders in the digestive system
Bacterial and fungal infections
Allergic phenomena in the skin and respiratory system

Each measurement teaspoon of Biotikid contains 2 billion active bacteria:

FOS ............................ 1g
L. Rhamnosus ............ 520 million
L.Casei ....................... 375 million
B. Infantis ................... 260 million
B.Bifidum .................... 260 million
B. Longum .................. 260 million
L. Acidophilus ............ 190 million
S. Thermophilus ......... 135 million

Directions: Biotikid powder should be mixed with the food (formula, yogurt delicacy, or any other soft food)
Up to 1 year old: 1 measurement teaspoon a day.
1 to 2 years old: 2 measurement teaspoons a day.
2 years old and above: 2-3 measurement teaspoons a day.

Directions for Use while Taking Antibiotics:
The administration of Biotikid should be separated by 2 hours from administering antibiotics.  The treatment with Botikid should be continued approximately 2 weeks after antibiotic treatment has ended.

Available in 100g packages of probiotic powder for kids.

Made in Israel


  • Barcode: 7290011088392
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  • Manufactured by: SupHerb - Natural Food Supplements


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