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GrapeWater for soothing relief during baby's first few months 15 ml - Hisunit

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Grapewater – an herbal concentrate for the relief of infant abdominal pain

Hisunit's Grapewater comforts infants that get the typical belly aches associated with the immature digestive system of their first months of life. Grapewater is a completely natural solution for parents who prefer not giving their babies drugs or synthetic chemicals.

Hisunit's Grapewater contains only herbal extracts of fennel, dill, and mint, which in tandem can prevent tummy aches, or if necessary, help relieve gas pains and flatulence, usually with immediate results. Grapewater is suitable in cases of colic. Hisunit's grapewater is a concentrate which you dilute and administer in drops. It is both safe and effective.

Grapewater, also called BabyCalm, is a kind of gripe water, with the brand name reflecting the quaint local pronunciation. The original gripe water used only dill as its herbal base. Hisunit came upon its formulation, which adds fennel and mint, in light of modern studies which show a clear benefit for treating colic from all three herbs.

Advantages of Hisunit's Grapewater:

  • No preservatives
  • No added sugar
  • No food coloring
  • No alcohol
  • Only natural ingredients
  • Backed by scientific studies

Active Ingredients: essential oil of fennel, essential oil of dill, essential oil of peppermint.

Inactive Ingreditents: glycerin.

Preparation: Add distilled filtered water to the Grapewater concentrate up to the mark on the label (approx. 35ml) and shake well. At this point, the solution can be used for one month with full efficacy. Shake well before each use.

Directions: First shake the solution vigorously. (See above if you haven't prepared the solution yet.) Place 10 drops, administered one at a time, in baby's mouth before each feeding or meal. If baby experiences colic between feedings or meals, give an additional 10 drops.

Store in a cool, shaded area. No need for refrigeration of either the concentrate or the solution.

Note that it is preferable *not* to refrigerate the solution as most babies are not comfortable with cold liquids.

Less than 1 calorie per serving.

Contents: 15 ml of concentrate. After preparing the solution, 50 ml for administration (approx. 1,000 drops).

Kosher Pareve, Badatz Mehadrin

Country of Manufacture: Israel

This information is not medical advice and is not indicative. Parents considering this product for their baby or child should first consult a doctor. In the event of a medical problem, contact your physician immediately.

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