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Natural & Nicotine Free Herbal Smoking Blend 30g - Real Leaf

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     REAL LEAF - Tobacco Substitute – nicotine-free natural herbal blend

REAL LEAF’s tobacco substitute was born with the goal of producing a natural leaf mixture, free of any unnecessary chemical additives, which would provide a smooth smoke without frequently getting snuffed out. The mixture has a delicate texture and a unique lemon aroma. This original blend contains leaves of raspberry, marshmallow, and mullein.

REAL LEAF tobacco substitute is suitable for both manual and mechanical rolling.

REAL LEAF tobacco substitute - Advantages:

  • 100% natural       

  • Nicotine-free

  • No tobacco

  • Lights easily and uniformly

  • Doesn’t burn out prematurely

Country of Manufacture: Israel

Net weight: 30 grams

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