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5M Light Mahogany Chestnut - Naturtint
5M Light Mahogany Chestnut - Naturtint

Retail price: $12.90
Our price: $10.90

Eco - Friendly Bags

Why eco-friendly bags? Let's start with the main alternative: plastic bags.
   Plastic bags are made of petrochemicals, and as such are essentially not biodegradable. Because many bags end up as litter blowing freely in the wind, it is not uncommon to find them blocking drainage pipes and sewage systems, polluting beaches and bodies of water, polluting parks, streets, and other public areas, and polluting grazing areas and forests. Consequently, problems ranging from structural cracking to contaminated ground water to animals choking to death can all be attributed in part to the overuse and improper disposal of plastic bags.
   And plastic bags have become ubiquitous. In Western countries, the average person uses over 300 bags per year. Worldwide, it is estimated that some 500 billion bags are disposed of every year, causing significant environmental damage and costing governments some 1 billion dollars in repairs and clean-up.
  While fining litterers and rewarding recyclers will help, the best solution to the problem is to stop using disposable bags, and to shift to a model in which customers bring reusable bags to the supermarket and other stores where plastic bags are commonly used.
Vitamin Global is proud to offer a new line of handsome, ecological bags and woven baskets which will make it a pleasure to shop while protecting the environment.

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Organic Jasmine Green Tea 20 tea bags - Adanim
Organic Jasmine Green Tea 20 tea bags - Adanim

Retail price: $3.90
Our price: $2.90