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Cone for the ear care - Otosan

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 Otosan - Cone for the ear care


 The OTOSAN cone for the ear care is the rediscovery of an ancient tradition for the treatment and prevention of the ear. Made of natural waxed cloth, it contributes to remove the wax-plug from the ear while re-balancing the ear pressure, and it prevents the unpleasant feeling of "blocked ears". It can safely be used at home by all those looking for a healthy life and for light and natural treatment methods.

The OTOSAN cone is a natural method for practically looking after ear hygiene by yourself and without risk. This preventive hygienic practice gives a feeling of well-being and relief from the problem from the very first application.

 Treatment and prevention of the ear

The OTOSAN cone, besides the PROTECTIVE DISK, has a FLAME-BREAKING RING, which automatically extinguishes the flame at the end of the treatment and makes it easier, safer and more practical to use.

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After placing the tapered end of the cone into the ear, the wide end is set alight. As it burns, the cone causes two effects:

The heat, which is beneficially released towards the inside of the ear, reinforces the blood circulation and helps soften the wax;

The warm air, which rises, creates a depression and consequent suction ("chimney effect") at the base of the cone. This helps eliminate waste and deposits from the ear canal. It also liberates close pores, regenerates the breathing of the skin, and helps regain the correct tension of the eardrum following holidays in the mountains, flights, swimming and diving which can cause that "blocked ear" feeling.

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