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Hosen Plus for strengthening the immune system 150 ml - Neta

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Neta Natural Pharmaceuticals - Hosen Plus

Purpose: a formula for strengthening the immune system. Recommended in cases of winter diseases, immune system weakness, and tendency toward illness, repeating throat, ear and sinus inflammations.

Activity: strengthening the immune system, especially phagocyte cells.

Formula Herbal Compound

Sambucus Nigra - Elder
Anti inflammatory; fights colds and flues. Increases sweating and is therefore used for lowering fever in cases of infections with high fever, contrasts bronchitis and coughing and increases bronchus discharge.

Echinacea Angustifolia
Speeds up the activity of the immune system, anti bacterial, anti viral, speeds up the activity of natural killing cells, contrasts the flue virus. Prevents the spreading of bacterial diseases.

Olea Europea - Olive Leaf
Antioxidant, anti bacterial, anti viral, contrasts the flue virus, herpes and polio. Contrasts bacteria causing digestive tract infections and muscle weakness.

Astragulus Membranaceus - Milk Vetch
Anti Inflammatory, delays histamine discharge, relieves pain, prolongs the life of cells in tissue cultures.

Contains vital minerals, speeds up the immune system, anti inflammatory and antioxidant, delays antibiotics-durable bacteria.

Tabebuia Impetiginosa - Pink Lapacho
Contrasts different types of Candida and other fungi, anti bacterial, anti viral, anti parasites.

Diabetes is a disorder in carbohydrate metabolism. A shortage of the insulin hormone or the body's resistance to insulin causes disuse of glucose. Glucose accumulation leads to high levels in the blood.

Thirst, weight loss and excessive urination are main symptoms of diabetes.

Recommended intake time: for prevention - up to two and a half months without break; for treatment - according to need.

Directions: 50 drops in half a glass of water / juice twice a day before eating.
In case of disease, 50 drops can be taken up to 6 times a day.

Counter indications: do not use during pregnancy. No restrictions for using with other medication.

Size: 150 ml (3 X 50)

Made in Israel

Kosher Badatz Mehadrin - Harav Rubin

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