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Kosher Badatz ActivBrain (Activbrn) - Phosphatidyl Serine 100mg 60 Capsules - Lipogen

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Lipogen - ActivBrain (ActivBRN) – Kosher Badatz – Phosphatidylserine

In May 2003, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration declared the chemical phosphatidylserine to be the first and only supplement that could legally be advertised as possibly reducing the risk of cognitive dysfunction and dementia in the elderly. Since then, the FDA's decision has proven wise, as researchers around the world have performed numerous studies further documenting not only phosphatidylserine's cognitive benefits, but also its stress-relieving benefits. Below are links to recent & older study abstracts involving phosphatidylserine (popularly abbreviated as PS, and sometimes written as two words, “phosphatidyl serine”):

  1. Metastudy demonstrating PS’s consistent positive effect on cognitive ability (2015)

  2. PS significantly improved cognition in 30 elderly subjects over 12 weeks (2013)

  3. Both PS & DHA Omega 3 show antioxidative properties in preclinical study (2013)

  4. Athletes on PS made computations faster & more accurately before workouts (2010)

  5. PS significantly improved cognition in 23 elderly subjects with low cognition (2010)

  6. PS plus Omega 3 especially effective (2010)

  7. Preclinical trial suggesting PS may be able to treat Alzheimer's (2007)

The 2015 metastudy linked above concluded that:

Phosphatidylserine is required for healthy nerve cell membranes and myelin. Aging of the human brain is associated with biochemical alterations and structural deterioration that impair neurotransmission. Exogenous [i.e. orally administered] PS (300-800 mg/d) is absorbed efficiently in humans, crosses the blood-brain barrier, and safely slows, halts, or reverses biochemical alterations and structural deterioration in nerve cells. It supports human cognitive functions, including the formation of short-term memory, the consolidation of long-term memory, the ability to create new memories, the ability to retrieve memories, the ability to learn and recall information, the ability to focus attention and concentrate, the ability to reason and solve problems, language skills, and the ability to communicate. It also supports locomotor functions, especially rapid reactions and reflexes.

ActivBrain supplement uses:

  • Memory Improvement
  • Improving concentration
  • Improving learning
  • Relief in situations of depression
  • Sharp mind and alertness

Good intercellular communication: the key to proper functioning of our minds:

ActivBrain is a unique complex of phospholipids from plant sources, containing both phosphatidylserine (PS) and phosphatidic acid (PA). Phosphatidylserine belongs to the phospholipids, a family of fats which form the building blocks of the cell envelope, in which or via which most of the biological activity of our bodies. The most important of the phospholipids is phosphatidylserine, which is found in large quantities in nerve cells in the brain, and which consequently is highly involved in numerous neuronal processes. Phosphatidylserine increases intercellular communication in the brain. ActivBrain also includes phosphatidic acid, which aids the body in its own natural production of phosphatidylserine. As an added benefit, PA increases the efficacy of strength training, as shown in this 2012 study.

Clean manufacturing

ActivBrain's two active ingredients, PS and PA, are produced using a unique manufacturing technology developed by Lipogen Ltd. Production occurs in clean aqueous solvents, and so there is no chance of contamination from synthetic phospholipids. This process protects the health of the local ecosystem while mimicking the natural phospholipid production mechanism of the human body.

Each capsule of ActivBrain contains:
Phosphatidylserine ........................................... 100 mg
Phosphatidic Acid.............................................. 100 mg
Soya Lecithin……………………………………….205 mg

ActivBrain contains no trans fats, is extracted from soy lecithin, and is not genetically modified.

ActivBrain - Instructions:
Standard dose: One capsule a day (normal diet).
For mild cognitive or memory issues (especially in people over age 50): two capsules a day.
For moderate to more severe cognitive dysfunction: 3 capsules per day.

Below is a detailed chart for dosaging according to specific needs:

Area needing improvement



Memory problems.


3 caps/day for 3-6 weeks, then 2 caps/day for maintenance, plus 1 extra cap as needed.

Memory problems


2 caps/day

Attention deficits


2 caps/day

Elevated blood pressure / stress


4 caps at once, as preventative 40-60 minutes before stressful event; as SOS, takes effect 20-30 minutes after consumption.

General Maintenance


1 cap in the morning

Contents: 60 capsules

Kosher L’Mehadrin, Badatz of the Eidah Chareidit

Made in Israel

This information does not constitute medical advice and is not indicatory. In case of a medical problem, contact your physician.

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