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Life Mel Honey - Chemo Support Honey Economy Pack including 3 Jars (360g) - Zuf Globus Ltd

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 Zuf Globus Ltd - Economy pack  of Life Mel Honey - Chemo Support Honey

Economy pack including 3 jars of Life Mel!  

This medicinal Life Mel honey is an innovative groundbreaking product for the treatment and support of patients suffering from acute malignant illnesses and their respective side effects. This honey is intended for the prevention and treatment of the side effects involved in chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

The positive effects of using Life Mel honey:

  • An increase in white blood cell count.
  • An increase in red blood cell count
  • An increase of hemoglobin in the blood.
  • An increase of blood platelet count.
  • Significant improvement in the overall feeling of patients.
  • Improvement in patients' quality of living.

The medicinal properties of Life Mel honey have been proven in clinical experiments. The results of the study were published in the prestigious medical journal Medical Oncology, and are unequivocal: LifeMel honey was found to be both safe and effective.

Directions for Use:
Take one teaspoonful (5cc) in the morning, on an empty stomach, and one teaspoon (5cc) at night before sleep. It is recommended to sip LifeMel slowly (1-2 minutes) to ensure full absorption into the bloodstream. The dosage can be increased to a maximum of 4 teaspoons (20cc) a day. The improvement in blood profile, overall feeling, and in quality of life, will be felt after 5-10 days of treatment.

Composition and Processing:
Life Mel
honey contains medicinal herbs, such as: Siberian Ginseng, Echinacea, Uncaria and other plants, as well as natural bio-active materials, such as: iron, protein, enzymes and vitamins, which are needed for regularization of the immune system. The active ingredients in LifeMel honey are absorbed directly in the blood; they stimulate blood-cell production, increase the quantity of platelets and raise the level of hemoglobin. With the exception of preparing the bee-feed mixture, collecting the medicinal honey from the hive and packaging, there is no human contact in the production process, and no ingredients are added to LifeMel after the extraction of honey from the hive.

Ingredient List:
Eleutherococcus Sentic (Siberian Ginseng), Taraxacum Off, Ficus Carica, Vaccinum Myrtillus, Trifolium Pratense, Morus Alba, Chicorium Int, Beta Vulg, Inula Helenium, Ribes Nigrum, Melissa Off, Calendula Off, Urtica Dioica, Avena Sativa, Echinacea Purpurea, Uncaria Tomen.

Recommended Candidates for Life Mel honey use:

  • patients receiving chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments
  • patients suffering from anemia
  • those seeking to boost their immune system

Special Considerations:
Diabetes sufferers should consult with their doctor about a slight increase in their insulin intake to balance the use of the LifeMel honey and/or diet changes such as reduced carbohydrates.

People who are allergic to honey should not take Life Mel honey.

Net Weight: 3 jars X 120g = 360g

Made in Israel

Kosher under the supervision of the Badatz Eidah Charedit

*Actual price will vary slightly depending on the exchange rates on the day of purchase
** We recommend that the customer check with the local customs authority regarding possible import fees

Life Mel customers, please note that in rare cases you may receive one or more bottles with a small amount of honey leaking from the area of the seal around the cover. If this should happen, there is absolutely no problem. This phenomenon can happen because Life Mel is not vacuum packed, such that air pressure changes during international flights can force out a bit of honey, especially if a jar has more than the listed 120 grams. Being a natural antibiotic, there is no chance of the honey turning rancid, in or out of the bottle. Simply clean up the jar and use as per the directions. To be clear, there are no refunds or compensation for such minor leakage.

Please note that Zuf Globus Ltd., the manufacturer of LifeMel honey, currently packages their product in glass containers which are not insured by USPS or the other postal courier services. Vitamin Global goes to extra lengths to cushion jars of LifeMel sufficiently, but breakage is a possibility. Please take this into consideration when ordering LifeMel honey as there is no refund for Lifemel jars that arrive broken or damaged. We sincerely apologize for this situation, and we hope that in the future LifeMel honey will be distributed in stronger containers and/or that insurance will become available for such deliveries. Thank you for your understanding.

Life Mel honey Testimonials written to the manufacturer, Zuf Globus:

I would like to thank you for your product, Life Mel honey. This is the third time I am coping with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy. Needless to say, those treatments are very hard on the body and that their side-effects are harsh.

But this time was different. I read an article in a newspaper called Makor Rishon, in which the marvelous properties of Life Mel honey were described. Although I had doubts, I purchased the honey and started using it. The results were immediate. Here are the details: Before using LifeMel honey I had itching all over my body, I suffered from severe weakness - so severe that I had to stay in bed all day long and I practically couldn't move, my hemoglobin level was very low and kept going down with every treatment, I had severe pains in my limbs and more....

The same week that I started to use Life Mel honey, the weakness was not so severe and I could get out of bed every morning, and cook and function as a mother to my children. The itching in my body was completely gone, I did not have any limb pain, and my hemoglobin level kept going up.

With those remarkable results no one can argue. I warmly recommend to anyone that is unfortunate and must get those terrible chemotherapy treatments to try this miraculous honey; I have already received many thanks from people I told about LifeMel.

I thank you again very much for your marvelous product and will continue to recommend it to everyone. Thanks.   -Nava Koren

Since I began taking the special honey, I have witnessed a significant increase in white blood-cells, neutrophils and iron; I highly recommend LifeMel honey.  -Ronit, Haifa

I became aware of the special honey through the recommendations of friends who are cancer victims, and I was spared the extremely severe side-effects of treatment by using Life Mel honey, which had a very positive effect on me as well. The white blood cells and haemoglobin increased and I finally felt good, strong and much more functional. When I stopped taking the special honey, I felt very bad and the blood profile dropped significantly. When I went back to using Life Mel honey, after two days of taking the honey, the blood profile had once again risen. It is excellent and recommended medicine. -Neta, Jerusalem

I took the special honey with the aim of strengthening my immune system. I underwent tests between chemotherapy treatments, the results of which showed that the condition of the immune system had improved dramatically, in spite of the chemotherapy treatments.  -Ester, Alfei Menashe

I took Life Mel honey to raise the immune level + iron in the blood, following C.E.F chemotherapy treatment. Since taking the special honey, I have been showing increasing levels of white blood-cells and neutrophils. Before taking the honey, the value of white blood cells was 2000 and, after only one week, they had risen to 6200. The neutrophils had risen from 700 to 4200, and the hemoglobin also rose substantially from 11.2 to 12.7. I am extremely pleased with the special honey.  -Odetta, Karkom

In the course of chemotherapy treatments I used Life Mel honey; my blood-count remained as it was before, and even rose. I feel great, in spite of the chemotherapy treatment. I highly recommend the special honey; throughout the treatment I did not use any other medicine.  -Dalit, Kibbutz Merhavia

Having been recommended the honey by friends who are ill with cancer and who have been using Life-Mel honey with success, I decided to try out this product. I experienced very positive effects when using Life-Mel, for example: before taking the special honey, my white blood-cells had dropped to 2.4 and, after taking LifeMel for 5 days, my white blood cells went up to 6.6! My hemoglobin was originally 10.4, and within a few days, it went up to 12.  I must say that I felt better, stronger and with a greater capacity to function. In a very unwise decision, I stopped taking Life-Mel and, within two weeks, I began feeling very bad. I became weaker, my blood values dropped dramatically: white blood-cells 1.7 and hemoglobin 10.5. I then began taking Life-Mel again and after two days I took another test, in which my white blood-cell value was 5.5 and hemoglobin 12. I am convinced that this information must be published in all the hospitals and medical institutions treating people that suffer from severe illnesses, so that other patients can be spared from so much needless suffering. Life Mel honey is an excellent product which I highly recommend.  -Ester, Kiryat Shmona

In March 2004, I had an operation to remove a tumor, after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Immediately after the operation I was notified that I would have to begin a series of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Despite the therapeutic effectiveness of these treatments, they have very severe side-effects, among which are a drop in hemoglobin and blood-count; this impacts the body's immune system, due to the non-distinction of the chemotherapy substances between bad cells and good cells. During this period, on the verge of beginning the treatments, I heard of a new and unfamiliar product, which was at the time in its experimental stages at medical centers, and which was said to cancel out or reduce the damage of chemotherapy treatments. I was very skeptical, cautious and suspicious at the time, considering my predicament, fearing to try something unfamiliar and, all the more so, without a doctor's prescription. Since a relative had acquainted me with the product, I dared and agreed to try it out, despite having heard of other solutions such as injections, etc. In May 2004 I began chemotherapy treatments type A.C, which are considered harsh and with such side-effects as damage to the immune system. I received a total of 4 treatments, once every three weeks, following which I was treated once a week with a medication called Taxol. During this period, my blood was tested before each treatment and throughout the entire week, in order to ensure that I was well enough to undergo the next treatment, and to see whether my immune system and hemoglobin were alright. When beginning the treatments, I started taking a tablespoon of Life-Mel honey once a day, for a total of 10 days to two-weeks. Although the blood-count was somewhat low immediately after the treatment (in the first week), it would rapidly rise and, throughout the 6 months of treatments, the blood-count was never lower than 400 WBC (i.e. within the range of normal values); at some point, the oncologist even told me: "you are responding as if you had taken water". I must say that it was also tasty, it tasted just like honey, and this sweetened the dreadful metallic taste I sensed in my mouth during the A.C treatments. It also helped me recover from the weakness I felt right after each chemotherapy treatment - it was simply amazing! Since then, I would always highly recommend the product each time I had the possibility of helping other women, with the high hopes of never having to need it in such circumstances, but only for strengthening if necessary. But when you are given such a state where you certainly need help, it gave me what I needed at the right time. Today, I am a year after the end of treatments, and have returned to my day-to-day life and routine; I felt it was my duty to write down what I have already told you in our conversations, and say "stay strong!", and I hope that this product will help many more people when they come to need it.  -Leah, Rosh Pina

Note: The information contained on this page is not of an official nature. In the event of a medical condition, any decision to use alternative treatments should be taken with the advice of your family doctor or other healthcare professional.

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