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Nurture & Clarity CHP-H Rikuzit-H 250 ml - Omni

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Omni - Nurture & Clarity CHP-H Rikuzit-H 

Nurture & Clarity CHP-H Rikuzit-H For problems with attention, concentration, and hyperactivity

What is Rikuzit-H? 
Rikuzit-H is a natural product developed by qualified practitioners of Chinese medicine who have successfully used the special formula in children, adolescents and adults, leading to improved concentration and academic performance. An impressive clinical trial found that the use of Rikuzit significantly helped patients' level of functioning for all parameters examined, and with no negative side-effects.

What did the hospital study examine, and what were the results? 
The efficacy of Rikuzit was demonstrated in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted by the Pediatric ADHD and Adaption Clinic of the Sheba Medical Center - Tel Hashomer Hospital, and was led by Dr. Miri Katz, a senior child psychiatrist. In this study, 120 children aged 6-12 who had been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, and who had not yet received any drug treatment, were divided into two groups: 80 children were given Rikuzit, and 40 a placebo. The progress of the children was followed for four months, after which attention skills were tested and compared to the original baseline scores. The researchers found that children who had taken the Rikuzit demonstrated significantly improved attention in all four test areas, while the placebo group showed no improvement.

The study was published in the March 12, 2010 issue of the Journal of Attention Disorders, and can be read in full here. (The Rikuzit brand name is mentioned at the top of page 9.)

How long you can use the Rikuzit-H? 
It has been shown that Rikuzit-H has been used safely for over three years by some patients, and can therefore be used as needed and in accordance with the patient's response.

Is it possible to combine Rikuzit-H with other medications? 
Yes - you can use Rikuzit-H along with other medications. Once the efficacy of Rikuzit-H is noticeable, you can gradually reduce and stop other attention-supporting medications, though only after consulting with your doctor. 
Combining Rikuzit-H with different drugs does not cause any side effects, does not impair the efficacy of Rikuzit-H, nor does it affect the efficacy of the other drugs on the patient. 
Use of Rikuzit-H fits seamlessly into a busy regimen, and does not interfere with the patient's daily routine.

Are there side effects? 
Use of Rikuzit-H is not accompanied by negative side effects, unlike the familiar side effects experienced by many patients using popular ADD/ADHD medications, such as suppressed appetite, apathy, nervous tics, etc., which ironically can interfere with attention and concentration, and even lead to social problems.

Avoiding appetite suppression is especially important in the treatment of attention deficit disorders as the lack of eating deprives the brain of the very nutrients so vital to the brain's healthy functioning and thus to helping the child to overcome their attention deficit. This is why many children who take popular attention deficit medications actually experience worsening of their condition. 

By contrast, Rikuzit-H delivers herbal-based phyto-chemicals known in the literature as essential for brain development and proper brain functioning, and thus creates greater systemic balance and over a sustained time period, all without suppressing the child's natural appetite or causing any other negative side effects.

An important extra benefit: 
Many parents of children who participated in the above-mentioned study of Rikuzit-H reported significant improvement in the self-esteem of their children, as well as in their emotional state and social relationships. So it turns out that concentration is not just about academic achievement, but actually is a key to allowing a child to develop self-confidence, emotional stability, and strong social skills. This is why it is so important to choose the right attention deficit medication.

Ingredients: Herbal Extracts: centella, bacopa, wild peony, chamomile, albizia, melissa, euphrasia, passiflora edulis. Contains sucralose and natural flavors. 

Alcoholic content: 38%   Amount of alcohol per serving: 2ml 

Omni's Rikuzit-H does not contain: artificial coloring or preservatives.

Nutritional value per 100 ml of Rikuzit-H: 
Energy............................................... 145 kkl
Proteins............................................. 0 mg
Carbohydrates.................................. 20 mg
Fat..................................................... 0 mg
Cholesterol........................................ 0 mg
Sodium.............................................. 1 mg

Instructions: dissolve one teaspoon (5 ml) of Rikuzit-H in half a cup (120 ml) of juice (non-carbonated). Take twice a day.

Kosher - pareve under the supervision of the rabbinate of Ma'ale Adumim

Contents: 250 ml

Made in Israel

Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, people taking prescription drugs, and children should consult with their doctor before taking any medication. 
The information contained above should not be considered medical advice.

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  • Manufactured by: Omni - Health Products


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