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Razitonit - Weight Loss Tea 100 tea bags - Nufar

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Nufar - Razitonit  Weight Loss Tea

A new Israeli innovation to help you maintain your ideal weight.

"Razitonit" Tea is made of 100% natural herbs, without artificial flavorings, colorings or preservatives of any kind.

"Raziti" Tea contains medicinal herbs that give us a feeling of satiation while keeping away those pangs of hunger, thereby helping us reduce the quantity of food we eat, which ultimately helps us lose weight.

How does it work?

The medicinal herbs in this new tea help the surplus sugars and carbohydrates in the blood enter the cells, which nourish them and give them the energy our bodies need.

When the body's cells have been nourished with the food and energy they need, they send "full" signals to the brain, which stops the constant feeling of hunger. As a result of this, we eat smaller quantities and we gradually lose weight.

"Raziti" Tea also contains the herb Stevia and thus is naturally sweet and palatable without any sugar or calories.

Another important herb in "Raziti" Tea is Dandelion (Taraxacum) which improves the digestion process which also contributes to a decrease in weight.

Raziti Tea contains the following herbs: Stevia, medicinal dandelion, fennel, Gymnema Sylvestris, green tea, olive leaves, medicinal sage, eucalyptus and mint.

The medicinal herbs referred to in this product description have been researched and published in professional literature.

Everything stated above is within the scope of general information.

Directions for use: 2-3 cups daily, 5 minutes before each meal.

Contents: 100 tea bags, 1 gram per bag.

Natural taste variation may occur in this product.  

Kashrut supervision: Rabbanut Megido.

Made in Israel

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Before taking any supplement, it is recommended to read further material and to consult medical professionals.

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