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Synergicare Dandruff Stopper - Anti-dandruff Purifying Treatment 12 vials - Itely

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Itely - Synergicare Dandruff Stopper
Your Ultimate Dandruff Defense Solution

Struggling with persistent dandruff? Discover the innovative Synergicare Dandruff Stopper by Itely. Specialized Dandruff Defence vials contain potent active ingredients to target both dry and oily dandruff, offering comprehensive scalp and hair care.  

Key Benefits of Dandruff Stopper:

  • Scalp Purification: Effectively eliminate dandruff-causing microorganisms for a healthier scalp
  • Irritation Relief: Alleviate itching and redness
  • Hydrolipidic Balance Restoration: Restore your scalp's natural balance for optimal health

Application Recommendations: Start with clean, damp hair. Dab hair and skin to remove excess water. Divide hair into 2 cm sections.  Apply Dandruff Stopper directly to the scalp in these sections. Gently massage the product into the scalp using your fingertips to ensure even absorption. No rinsing is needed.  

Product Details:
Packaging: 12 vials, each containing 6 ml (0.20 fl oz) of product.

Licensed and Approved by Israel's Ministry of Health.

Made in Italy.

  • Barcode: 8029840310164
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  • Manufactured by: Different manufacturers

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