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Tannenblut - Sugar Free, Sore Throats Pastilles, 20 Pastilles - Hubner

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Hubner - Tannenblut Throat Pastilles

Tannenblut Throat Pastilles - Advantages:

  • Humidifies and protects the mucous membranes
  • When suffering from hoarseness, sore throat, tickle in the throat
  • With Iceland moss and sea salt
  • Medical device

Tannenblut Throat Pastilles are used to moisten and protect the lining of the mouth and throat, especially in cases of hoarseness, or a sore or tickly throat.

Active Ingredients:

Iceland Moss
From ancient times Iceland Moss has been seen as a versatile food plant and medicine. Other common names for Iceland Moss are liverwort and Iceland lichen. The mucilage it contains is released as the pastille dissolves in the mouth and forms a soothing balsam that coats the inside of mouth and troat. This covering shields the irritated mucous membranes from further harm and helps promote the natural protective function of the mucous membranes.

Sea salt
For centuries people have known about the natural properties of sea salt and used it in remedies. The sea salt contained in Tannenblut Throat Pastilles helps keep mucous membranes moist and able to perform their filtering and protective functions.

Directions: Adults and children over 6 let 1-2 pastilles dissolve in their mouths several times a day, as required.
If necessary, Tannenblut throat pastilles can be taken for an extended period of time.
If no improvement becomes apparent after 3 days treatment, please consult your doctor.

Pack size: 20 pastilles.

Made in Germany.

Kosher Parve

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  • Manufactured by: Hubner - Herbal Food Supplements

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