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Kosher L'Mehadrin Vitamin D-400 IU 120 Softgels - SupHerb

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Supherb - Kosher Vitamin D-400 Softgels

Vitamin D is essential for absorption and assimilation of minerals in the bones and maintaining strong teeth.

A high deficiency of vitamin D is mainly present among adults, but also in children and adolescents, due to a vegetarian and naturalistic diet and avoidance of exposure to the sun.

A vitamin D supplement is essential for dark- skinned people, for those suffering from diseases of the digestive system and for old people whose skins do not produce an adequate quantity of vitamin D, even while being exposed to sunlight.

Main Uses

  • Preventing Osteoporosis, fractures and Rickets
  • Relieving muscle and bone pains
  • Preventing various forms of cancer
  • For support during pregnancy and nursing period

Therapeutic Advantages

  • Comes in its dry form (suitable for those who do not absorb fats well)
  • Does not contain vitamin A, therefore can be taken at high doses

Each Vitamin D3 capsul contains:
Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)..............................400 IU

Directions:  1-2  softgels a day, with the meal.

Available in packages 120 Softgels

Made in Israel

Kosher Badatz Eida Charedis

This product is not a medicine and is not intended to replace medical treatment.
The information above is not controlled by the Ministry of Health 

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