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Kosher L'Mehadrin Yemenite Gum 60 Vcaps - Nutri Care

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Retail price: $23.80
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Nutri Care - Yemenite Gum Resin with Boswellia Resin

Yemenite gum (or more commonly Yemen gum) is the name of the resin that exudes from the Pistacialentiscus tree, popularly known as the mastic tree. This resin is itself often called "mastic", and has been used for thousands of years throughout the tree's native Mediterranean region. Yemenite gum is the original chewing gum, and this is why "mastic" means "gum" in many languages, and "chew" as in the word "mastication". But this amazing resin has many other uses beyond chewing, both culinary and medicinal.

Perhaps the most impressive proof of mastic's medicinal properties is a review of the resin in the Sept.-Oct. 2012 edition of the medical journal In Vivo. There the authors summarize the scientific literature to date on Yemen gum extracts. Here's just some of what they found on the resin's medicinal properties:

(a) eradication of bacteria and fungi that may cause peptic ulcers and malodor of the mouth;
(b) dramatic reduction of symptoms of autoimmune diseases, including Crohn's disease;
(c) improved cardiovascular health by lowering total serum cholesterol;
(d) induction of apoptosis (destruction) of human cancer cells in vitro;
(e) relief from functional dyspepsia (unexplained upper abdominal pain/bloating/reflux).
Click here to see the original abstract

The other active ingredient used in Nutri Care's Yemenite Gum is Boswellia resin, also called olibanum, but perhaps more famously known as frankincense. Boswellia resin is also a scientifically proven anti-inflammatory, though it also has been shown to have anti-carcinogenic, anti-cancer, as well as anti-bacterial properties.
Click here to read a Sept. 2013 abstract with a free link to the full article

Reading all of the above information, it's not hard to see why the ancients noticed that they got relief from their various symptoms of disease after chewing mastic. Nutri Care has combined pure extracts of these two highly efficacious resins into one single potent and convenient capsule.

Supplements Facts:
Each capsule weighs 500mg and contains:
Yemenite Gum (Piatacia Lentiscus)
Frankincense (Boswellia Serrate)

Active Ingredients: mastic, frankincense.

Inactive Ingredients: Capsule filling: Tapioca Starch; Capsule body: vegetable cellulose.

Nutri Care's Yemenite Gum vegetarian capsules contain no sugar, salt, milk, egg, artificial colorsor artificial preservatives.

Instructions for use: 1-2 capsules, three times daily, preferably before meals.

Kosher LeMehadrin - Badatz Eidah Chareidit.

Contents:  60 vegetarian capsules

Pregnant andnursing women, people taking prescription medication and parents considering this product for their children should consult a doctor before using any supplement.

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  • Manufactured by: Nutri Care - Natural Food Supplements


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