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Organic Coarse Grey Sea Salt 1kg (2.204lb) - Guerande

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Guerande - Organic Coarse Grey Sea Salt

Salt is a concentrated form of natural energy and the oldest seasoning used by humans. The most highly prized today is gray sea salt. Gray sea salt is harvested on the Guérande Peninsula during the summer when warm weather combines with wind, sun, and strong evaporation to create a high concentration of salt. The organic gray sea salt from Guérande, France, is extracted using millennia-old traditional manual methods, employing only tools crafted from wood. Unrefined organic sea salt maintains its natural gray color, crystallizing in natural contact with clay, from which it gains its high content of trace elements. Less salty than Mediterranean sea salt, this coarse-ground gray sea salt is well-known for its culinary virtues, being milder in taste and possessing a rich aroma. It is widely used for pickling, seasoning vegetables, meat, and fish.

100 grams of organic gray sea salt contains:

Magnesium 420 mg
Calcium 152 mg
Iron 17.5 mg

Package contains: 1kg (2.204lb)

Produced in France

Kosher, under the supervision of the Badatz Lyon-France and with the approval of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

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  • Manufactured by: Guerande - Organic Sea Salt

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